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Meridian has partnered with our top trainers to curate a new cutting edge group training program called VITAL Group Training.


Welcome to The Sweat Box!  This is our brand new Infrared Heated Studio with state of the art equipment and iconic group fitness instructors. In these programs you will experience a rigorous, science backed group class that will take you to new heights and maximize your potential from within. 

Classes are limited so call today to reserve your spot!



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Preparing for class is essential. Prior to class, ensure proper hydration. Wear loose light weight fitness clothing. Pack a towel. Plan for the commute and arrive 10-15 min prior to class. If you are running late please call the front desk so we can try to accommodate you.  

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Upon arrival please check-in at our front desk and fill out a liability waiver.  If you are new we will walk you back to The Sweat Box where class will take place. At that time our iconic instructors will take over! 

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When you walk into the room the lights will be dim, loud music will be playing, and the room will be set up for your arrival. Place your things on the coat rack and find a mat. During your class you will be put to the test with a vigorous workout or stretch. The room is infrared heated between 85-100 degrees depending on the workout being performed.  

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How To Book?!

Great Question we have options as for classes: 

Unlimited, 5 Class Pack & Drop In. Upon purchasing a class you will be able to book 24 hours in advance by calling, stopping by the front desk or scanning the QR code below!

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